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The story of one photo

During my visit in Egypt thanks to our guide we were able to visit an original Nubian village. 

On our way to the village we drove next to a Nubian Village that was made specially for tourists - it looked like a small Disneyland, people were not living there. It looked more like their work - everything to make tourists happy. 

Anyway after we arrived you could immediately see the difference between the two Nubian villages. Everything here was less colorful, more quiet and it simply looked real. After a small walk we went to the house of the mayor. He welcomed us with mint tea or soft drinks without charging, and showed us how he and his family live. There was of course a crocodile in the living room, what is pretty normal in Egypt. It is treated like a house pet. The photo you see below is a typical children bedroom where normally sleep 4 younger or 2 older children.

When you decide to leave the walls of one of the hotel resorts this will be the picture that you will get because that's how most Nubian people live.