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An unique way of shopping


During the Nile cruise at one point you reach the lock in Esna where the boat bridging 10 meters height difference to steer further. To see it is already an interesting experience. What was even more interesting for me were the local people who were trying to sell all kind of clothes directly from other small boat's. So that's how it works. Small two persons boats come very close to the cruise ship and they start to throw clothes sealed in plastic bags to the much higher sun deck of our boat. In the beginning we had no idea what's happening. The crew explains us quickly the whole process. You unpack the package check if it's something for you - if yes you put money in the bag and throw it back to the guys sitting in the small boats. If not you simply throw the clothes back. It's something that i never saw before. Seems that the guys in boats can communicate with any tourist. They scream the prices in all kind of languages. Everything lasts about  half an hour. When our boat is ready to go through the lock the small boat's proceed to sell things to other people on cruise ships that are already waiting behind us.