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People of Egypt


Visiting different places in the world not only allows you to see amazing places but it also gives you chance to meet new people. See how they live in different culture, religion climate. I always found it fascinating how the place where you were born and live makes impact on who you are. I mean have you ever thought how would your life looked like if you were born and raised in other part of the world? I was looking forward to see how people live in Egypt. What i noticed at the first place was how many older people were still working. On the markets on the boats, temples you could really see many people who in Europe would probably already enjoy their retirement. Their faces were so vivid and looking at them you see that they had to work for the bread for their entire life. I was of course very enthusiastic to be able to photograph some of them. In general i meet tree kind of people while taking the photo’s. First group didn’t wanted to have photo at all. Second group asked money for taking pictures - every way is good to earn some money there. The third group were people who were really proud that somebody wanted to capture their story in the picture. Figure out by yourself to which of those tree groups fit’s the woman from the photo. She was one of the citizens of the Nubian village, couldn’t speak a word in English, but sometimes smile says more than thousand words.