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Spring is coming


It was the warmest February since decades in Holland with temperatures upcoming till 20 degrees. Everybody thought the spring has arrived early this year. Unfortunately in the begin of march everything changed very quickly and temperatures felt down again. Since I really like macro photography I would already like to go outside and start to make photos of the world that is not always visible for everybody. Finally about one week ago on my way back from work I spotted colorful field of crocuses and I thought the time has come to go outside to use my macro lens. The wind was still pretty strong so it took some effort to protect the flowers from it. No idea why but I always liked to photograph flowers from down under. Mostly you can get dirty because it requires to lie on the grass in order to find the nice point of view. Still I think that the result is worth it. Photographing flowers gives you so many opportunities to capture them from different angles in different stages of their growth. It’s totally up to you and your creativity what result will you get. After finishing the session outside I decided to take some flowers home and try to photograph them in studio conditions without wind and in controlled light conditions. At home you can play even more with the composition - add some water drops, play with depth of field. I had a lot of fun taking these photo’s. I hope you like the result that I achieved.