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Wild Konik horses


I live near Oostvaardersplassen in Lelystad. In Holland it’s considered as an controversial nature area. Every year there is a big discussion about feeding the animals during the winter. The fact is that during heavy winters many animals are dying because a lack of food. This year they decided to move some of the wild Konik horses to other countries. 25-30 of them already moved to Spain, and soon 150 will move to Belarus. Since the wild Konik horses are used to people walking around they are not really scared or aggressive. There are boards everywhere to keep 25 meters away of the animals. Horses seem not to care about it, because sometimes they come really close to you from curiosity. In general it’s safe, during last 8 years it happen once that I really had to runaway - I think they didn’t noticed me and that’s why they were more scared than I was, fortunately everything ended up well for me. This small incident didn’t stopped me from going there and photograph those quite unique nature area. Despite of many discussions I still find it an amazing place just to have a walk and enjoy the flora and fauna of this area. Konik horses are not the only animals you can encounter here. But I find them particularly interesting to photograph. Every visit at Oostvaardersplassen ends up for me with hundreds of photo’s. Everybody can find something interesting here. From macro, animals such as red deer, heck cattle, birds paradise with for instance white-tailed sea eagle to landscape photography. If you’re ever around let me know, I can show you around.