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Tulips everywhere


Every year Holland attracts millions of tourists from around the world. Right now at the end of April it offers everyone something unique to see. Tulip fields spread around a part of the country. Believe me, if you see it once you will like to see it over and over again . In surroundings of Lelystad there are hundreds of fields and it’s pretty easy to reach them since they organized several routes. You can do it by car, by bike, or just walking. On the website Tulip Route Flevoland 2019  you can see and download all available routes. There are signs to follow so that you won’t miss any field. Apart from fields you can make a pit stop on one of the farms and have a drink or ice-cream there. I managed to do all 3 car routes. Everyone of them is different, all of them are amazing. Different colors, different shapes, it’s just something you have to see by yourself. The funny thing is that the flowers themselves are not actually going to be sold. The part on witch they earn money are in the ground, the bulbs. So you can say that all the colorful tulip fields are just side effects. But what a wonderful side effect it is.  I did my best to show you how beautiful the fields are. i hope you enjoy the photo’s.