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When I first found the building on internet I thought it’s a museum or an art gallery. I was really surprised when I read that the building of “La Defense” in Almere hosts only offices.

It was my second attempt to photograph this exceptional building. When I went there for the first time early in the morning just after my night shift it was unfortunately still closed. I could admire it only from outside but still, it impressed me a lot. At one side pretty simple architecture but the finish with colourful glass windows is something that makes the building so special. It’s like a big chameleon that changes his colours depending on which angle you look at him. It was such fun for me to photograph it. Just changing the perspective gave totally different results. If you ever decide to go there and take photo’s, try to choose a sunny day then the colours are even more vivid. It The neighborhood has also several other interesting buildings such as WTC - Almere. But “La Defense” will probably be the one that will make the biggest impression on you.