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I already wrote a while ago that I’m fascinated with macro photography. It’s simply amazing what you find when you look to the world that surround us from different perspective. Last time I used my macro lens to photograph flowers. This time I wanted to capture the small size fauna. Every three weeks I’m working during the night. I finish around 6 o’clock in the morning. Right now in Holland sun rises around 6:30 so it’s a perfect time for me to go after my work and look for small creatures that are not awake yet. No idea if you ever tried to photograph a fly in the middle of the day - believe me it’s almost impossible. All the insects are very active during the day, and to be able to get close enough to make a good photo is really difficult. That’s why the best moment to do it is early in the morning. All the bugs and insects are usually very lazy then, and most of the time you can get very close with your camera. I go usually to the forest where I can also find a small lake. Close to water you can find even more interesting objects to photograph. But in general if you just go outside in the morning and find grass field with some horse flowers I guarantee you that you will find many interesting things to photograph. I advise you to use tripod and wear clothes that can get dirty, macro lens will be of course the best choice, but with zoom lens it’s also possible to achieve good results. Shooting from close range will cause that the depth of field will be very shallow, but in many cases you can use it also as an advantage. Try once to leave the bed earlier and go discover the macro world that waits for you.