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Last Saturday I visited photo museum FOAM at Amsterdam. They just started to show the exhibition of Alex Pragier a American photograph who’s inspired with old Hollywood movies. Most of his shoots are staged. He’s works were really inspiring. So if you’re in Amsterdam it’s definitely worth seeing. Actually his exhibition gave me inspiration how to present my next shoot . The Old- timer day that took place on Sunday in Lelystad. To be honest I’m not a big car enthusiast. So I knew that I will visit the event but I didn’t really had a clear idea how to present the car’s shown there. I arrived at Bataviastad early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It was also a wise decision because I could also see the cars in move. There were more than 400 present. Some of them were more than 100 year old, and they were still driving. For  car lovers it was probably a heaven on earth. For me a great opportunity to take some nice photos and try to present them in my own way. What I tried to achieve in this shoot was to show the retro cars in a retro way. So while editing them I tried to create a feeling like the photo’s were made in the past when the cars were common to see on the roads. Since I love to focus on the details, most of the photos don’t present complete cars. Everyone sees those amazing vehicles in their own way. I hope you will like the way i see them.