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Holland has so many great Zoo’s to visit. During the last 8 years I visited most of them. Some even more often than once. WILDLANDS was the one to be visited as next. It’s located quite far away from where I live and that was the main reason why I didn’t decided to go there earlier. Luck has smiled at me again and I got free entry cards. Of course there is nothing better to see all the wonderful animals in their natural environment running wild. But that’s not always possible so Zoo can be a great opportunity to see all those animals in one place. Why I found WILDLANDS so special? They named It WILDLANDS for a reason. It’s quite apart how the animals live their life here. There are almost no cages and most of the animals are separated from people with natural barriers such as water. Small groups of apes are just running around the whole complex, so you have to be careful because sometimes they are very curious about your belongings. Parrots eat literally from your hand. It was pretty easy for me to forget that I’m in Zoo. Taking photos in that kind of places can be quite tricky. There are of course many other people who want to do the same, so the best time to visit is just after opening. I wanted to focus this time on emotions of particular animals. Tried to capture the moments when they are angry, happy, hungry or simply lazy. It took some effort and a lot of patience to capture the right moment, and believe me , patience is not my strength. You can’t say to the tiger to move left or right or to keep his eyes opened. Here you can see the sample what i managed to capture in 5 hours time. I hope you like what you see, and if you’re in Holland, WILDLANDS is definitely place worth visiting.