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What a great coincidence

I was really looking forward to a Saturday evening in August to come. It was one of four days when Balloon Fiesta took place.  More than 30 colorful hot Air-balloons were supposed to fly in the air, and the day would finish with a laser and music show with hot Air-balloons. Last two years because of the weather conditions the hot Air-balloons couldn’t sail in the air. This year I knew it will be different. According to the weather forecast there was no rain or wind expected. Temperatures were reaching 30 degrees - perfect conditions for this kind of event. I was really looking forward to go there and take some photos of that spectacular fiesta. Day before by pure coincidence I discovered that very close to the Balloon fiesta another event will take place. Something that made me even more excited. An Air show “Wings of liberty” a tribute to the 75 year anniversary of Operation Overlord. It was one of the things that stood very high on my bucket list - to get a chance to photograph planes from second world war in the air, and in general to see all kind of old planes with rich history. I arrived around 12 o’clock. later I read that there were around 30.000 visitors expected. Beautiful weather, atmosphere of a picnic, and planes flying in the sky, every couple minutes speaker was announcing who will fly in the sky as next. What more do you need. All the passionate photographers thought same as I did - it will be a perfect place to shoot some great photos. Some of them came there at 8 o’clock already, and they were quite picky about their “reserved” places. I could experience it on my own skin - on the other hand I completely understand that everyone wants to have the best possible place to shoot. My zoom lens has it’s limits, so I tried to be as creative as possible to compensate the lack of range of my lens. Did I took the best photos there among all other photographers - probably not. Did I enjoyed  the show - absolutely yes. It was already a great day and I didn’t even went to the Balloon fiesta yet. I’ll write about it as soon as possible.